Monday, March 14, 2016

Down to Business

Grant, Ava and Lia -- early-morning temple session before class
Okay.  It is time to get DOWN TO BUSINESS. I don't have much time, and have SO MUCH I want to say!! For some reason I thought typing in Portuguese would be easier than English.  I forgot my book where I wrote down all my thoughts, so this is going to be a nice little Sister Ludlam spew, straight from the heart!

First off, let me just explain what exactly I am doing here at the missionary training center: I am in class all day learning how to invite people to come unto Christ in Portuguese.

Things to Ponder

1. We are apparently NOT "Irmas," because Irma means nun and that is not exactly what we are going for. ;) So I am Sister Ludlam! 

2.  I am in LOVE with the Portuguese language!!  My companion and I (Sister Peck, more on that lovely lady later) just happen to be at the EXACT same learning level and knowledge of Spanish (hmmm, funny how that happened!) and we are just eating it up! We taught our first investigator on our third day, and are just progressing so quickly. I think in Portuguese, pray in Portuguese, make fun of Sister Peck in Portuguese, it's just delightful.

Sister Peck and Sister Ludlam
3. Sister Peck is SO EASY TO LOVE!! From the first moment we saw each other we just clicked. She is a hard worker, wants to be exactly obedient, and freely shares her love for everyone. What a dove. By the way, dove is pomba, mom. I have mine on my desk <3

4. Can I just say I am SO feeling my hair, Mom? Thank you! I had it pulled back every single day while I worked for Vivint, I just forgot how glorious it was!

5. I. am. so. blissfully. happy. I thought being at BYU was as good as it gets, but honestly this place is heaven. I KNOW it is a blessing from God that I am so comfortable; without anxiety, insecurity, feelings of inadequacy, or boredom. (true) Never before have I been able to live in such a spiritually rich place, so not muddy.

6. My p-day is Monday and my address is:
2005 N 900 East, Unit #151
Provo UT 84604

7. How goofy is it that I expected a metal grate to come with my name tag? One for my mind, and one for my heart! Turns out I still have to work to keep my thoughts and feeling centered on my work.

8. From the first day, I got a major wakeup call: This is Not About You. The scene from The Incredibles where the mom says, "BOB, THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU!" and the part in “Character of Christ” where Elder Bednar says that same thing (I had the quote in my other book). I don't know if I should be quoting The Incredibles, but I think the Bednar quote should even it out. And The Incredibles is chalk full of wonderful messages anyways. Of course the reason I am on this mission is to help people increase in their faith and come unto Christ, but I was still in my childish mindset, "Oh, this is going to make me so chiseled," but that is NOT why I am here. With that attitude, I realized I will fail. I am a servant of the Lord, and this is HIS work. It does not matter how good of a teacher I am or how eloquently I speak Portuguese, I will NEVER be able to know the feelings of people’s hearts and what they need to hear on my own. The more I forget myself and just focus on the work, the more I will be able to effectively be an instrument of God. I AM SO EXCITED!!

I love you all, I am sorry this letter is all over the place! Next week I will be more prepared. 


Sister Ludlam


  1. How exciting! Thank you for sharing the letters - can't wait to hear more! And just for the record, I love The Incredibles - the quote was great! ;)

  2. How exciting! Thank you for sharing the letters - can't wait to hear more! And just for the record, I love The Incredibles - the quote was great! ;)

  3. No apologies! This is a wonderful letter. Love and admire you so.
    Aunt Sally

  4. You go Ava!!! You inspire us to want to be better missionaries ourselves!Keep the blogs coming!!!!! Sister Stringham

  5. I can already tell these letters are going to be a highlight for the next year and a half :)

  6. Beautiful thoughts ! Looking forward to your missionary experiences!

  7. Keep it up! You learn more everyday! Love of language, love of people, love for Christ, and the love that Christ has for you!