Monday, April 18, 2016


Solo Sister

1. Sister Peck left this morning to BRAZIL, so now I am the lone, lost little Brazilian, following the Elders around. I secretly love it, though.

2. My visa never came, so off to Ogden for 6 weeks! If I had told myself a few months ago that I would be reassigned to Ogden, I probably would've been a bit disappointed...but when I read Ogden Utah Mission, I got SO EXCITED. I am SO pumped to meet my new companion! I am going to love that sister into the ground.

3. OKAY ILENE AND TODD GARNER: Each week I have gotten a package (or two) from you, each one bigger than the last...but this week has gone TOO FAR. THAT WAS THE BIGGEST BOX I HAVE EVER SEEN, I didn't know Dear Elder used industrial packing boxes!? Thank you for taking care of me, you have truly blessed many souls with your gifts of love. <3 Oh, you know what I just realized? By the time Todd reads this today, he will be a Boston marathoner. My hero! *insert picture of Sister Peck next to box so you can see how big it is*
The "Que (kuh) Face"

ALSO Danny boy! Thank you for the package, I thought my wee bitty heart was going to explode! The green beans made me laugh so hard!

4. Sister Ludlam's Journey to Know Christ Update: I have a question I have been trying to answer all week. There is this quote Irmao Read showed me a while ago: "We can change our behavior. Our very desires can change. How? There is only one way. True change -permanent change- can only come through the healing, cleansing, and enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He allows you to access His power as you keep his commandments, earnestly, eagerly, and exactly. It is that simple and certain. The gospel of Jesus Christ, is a gospel of CHANGE." -President James E. Faust.

That has got to be the most chalk full of goodness quote I have ever read! I have also been seeing "you can do THIS through the atonement of Jesus Christ" everywhere, such as Mosiah 3:19:

For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be,
forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit , 
and putteth off the natural man and 
and becometh as a child.

It seems like every good thing comes "through the atonement of Jesus Christ," not just the ability to change. But how do I apply that in my life? I have so many things I want to change because the more I learn about Jesus Christ, the more I want to be like Him. But every time I try to change (or as the quote says to "follow the commandments earnestly, eagerly, and exactly") I always fall back into my old ways. So of course, I ask Irmao Read "Well how do I do that? How do I use the atonement to change?" and of course he says I have to go find the answer myself! I have been searching, but I am cheating and asking you all for help as well. Thanks <3

I love you all!!  Irma Pidge

Me, Sister Peck, Irmao Regehr, E. Rasmussen, E. Hernandez
The District and Elder Read
Sora Vann

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