Monday, August 7, 2017

Good and Short!

Another English with Cruzeiro
This week was also wonderful! Fernanda came to church, accepted a date for my LAST DAY--woohoo!!

Another lady named Edna also came to church. She has been an investigator for years because she could not quit smoking. HOWEVER, she just did a surgery and was unable to drink coffee or smoke for 20 days, so she used it as a super boost and hasn't drank or smoked since! She is glowing, so happy to finally be FREE of this addiction.

I love you all!  Have a wonderful week!

Divisions with Sister Saaredra
Photo to the left:  Poor missionary food (just kidding).  We are not hungry.  Sister Malan and I like to experiment with new foods.  Usually they turn out super good.  This one didn't.

Sunday Lunch with the whole family (the whole branch)!

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  1. Wonderful, what have you done to these people, congratulations