Monday, June 6, 2016

Brazil. Wow. Where do I start?

Sister Gines, Ava and Sister Rebecca
I am so sorry you didn't hear from me for 2 weeks. I thought they would let me call you after arriving or at least shoot an email, but oh well! I made it!!

After the craziest and most wonderful 2 weeks of my life, I don't really know where to start. Saying goodbye to Sister DeMaio was so hard, I haven't been able to stop thinking about her because she is just. so. special. We had such a deep bond that it kind of felt like I was saying goodbye to Lia again.

I spent the night at the mission home, and it was one of those unforgettable "my life is about to change forever" nights. We all bore testimonies the basement turned into a piece of Heaven. Sister Jaggi and I wept together over how special Hermana DeMaio is.

The last thing we did in the USA!
The next morning I began a 29-hour traveling "adventure" with Elder Rassmussen. I am so glad he was with me-- it would have been a nightmare if I didn't have a friend. On the flight between LA and NYC, I was surrounded by this precious young family. The father showed so much love to his children, I wanted them to know they can be together forever. I gave them a Book of Mormon with a testimony of eternal families on the inside.


Waiting to get in their new apartment
So many prayers have been answered. First, mine were answered for getting  Sister Jines as my companion. She is from Vegas, and these two transfers with me will be her last. She is one of the most pure, without guile, and regal people I have ever met. This area is heaven. This ward has been praying for missionaries for a long time, and so many miracles have already happened. I can't believe Heavenly Father trusted ME enough to send me into this area (we are opening it) and the Bishop and ward members have put so much faith in us and give us more support than I could've dreamed of.  They all pray for us daily and it just makes me realize I represent Jesus Christ to them and to the lost sheep in this area-- which has made me change a LOT of things about my missionary self.

Irmao Gabriel brought us Subway! :-)

I have no more time, and I am sorry this letter is all over the place, but I will explain more of what is going on here later. I am blissfully happy, and like Ammon, I wish I could be a missionary here for the rest of my life (Alma 17:23). I was supposed to come to São Paulo Brazil to this area with this companion at this time. I am just in awe.

I love my Savior so much for this privilege to be here.

Love,  Sister Ludlam

"My hair loves Brasil!"

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  1. Beautiful story. Beautiful Spirit. Beautiful people. Beautiful hair. Yes, it was all meant to be. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life.