Monday, July 11, 2016

Missionary work is not easy because...

Last week was a difficult one. We were both feeling a bit discouraged. But we fasted, received divine guidance, and had one of the best weeks ever.

While planning for our Called to Serve event, Fabricio, our ward mission leader, showed us this video to the left. Don't worry, it is in English. ◄

Was that what we needed or what?

Called to Serve was a success, but I didn't have the chance to take pictures of everyone in their name tags because I was distracted by something very special that happened. We played the video at the very end, and someone I didn't know came down and sat next to me part way through. The video invited such a powerful spirit, and when it finished everyone was in tears, including the person next to me.

We then realized that we actually DID know her, "Luz," a contact from a week ago where we planned to meet her at the chapel on Sunday at 7:30. We both just looked at her in unbelief, that she actually CAME. She ate cookies with us and met some members, asking tons of questions. It was quite a confusing scene for her I'm sure, everyone walking around with little name tags. We took her into a side classroom with Irma Rebecca, taught the Restoration, and she immediately agreed to be baptized. Sister Gines and I both just kept looking at each other wondering "is this actually happening?"

It was a wonderful week, and now we begin the last transfer for Sister Gines! I love being a missionary and I love my Savior! Have a great week!

Sister Ludlam
The only place my hammock will fit.

For Goldie's birthday

Festa Julina

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