Monday, September 12, 2016

I am just the servant

Appears to be Manny from Ice Age ?
Funny: (foto) Sister S letting out her inner woolly mammoth!

The Work: Unfortunately, I have no inspirational stories to share this week. We worked so hard, but everyone we were teaching dropped themselves. : (   At first I was really discouraged and was lost as to what to do next. (Ava confided that this has been her most difficult week yet, but she is doing fine now.)

Spiritual Thought: ...But then I remembered this is not my work, its the Lord, and He already knows exactly what He wants to happen this area. :) What peace that brings me!  I am just the servant, so I just need to ask Him what His will is. :) He will make a lot more out of Jardim Satelite than we can alone, and He can make a lot more of each one of us if we give our wills to Him. :)  My ward is supporting me so much and I feel their love.  There are angels around me.
Tapioca Tortilla

Culture: TAPIOCA!!! It is completely different than tapioca in the States, and I am OBSESSED. It is made from mandioka (kind of like potato, but looks like a tree trunk) or cassava. It is cheap and delicious. It has no taste, so you can put it with chocolate or ham and cheese or whatever you want. Basically a super chewy tortilla and super yummy! Haven't eaten bread in over a month. Unfortunately, the United States doesn't have it, so I am going to eat as much as I can while I am here. :)



Ava drew this masterpiece of our house during language study this week.  Pretty good!


  1. Hang in there Sr.Ava. It's normal to have ups and downs. Just keep doing the work and keep choosing to smile. I love the joy I feel in your letters!!

    Sr. Stringham

  2. It will get better Irma Ludlam, hang in there. And about the Brazilian food in the US you can find in Newark 😃 , the are markets and lanchonetes you can buy tapioca, guarana, farofa, pao de queijo, you name it....👍.
    Boa sorte. Irma Wyssling