Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I chose to smile!

Ava's first hamburger in Brasil!
Sorry, Sister Emily Taggart, I am going to copy your letter format. :)

Funny: We had to stay in our apartments due to political events here in Brasil, I thought the world was going to end! Woke up the next morning and everything went back to normal. :) Typical Sister Ludlam.

The Work: We found an incredible family: Ed Carlos, Silvia, and Junior. I have never felt so guided during a lesson as I was with them. As I bore my testimony, Silvia began to cry and Junior just had the biggest smile on his face, I'll never forget it. They accepted a date for baptism! I have never felt so much love so quickly as I have for these 3 people. I feel like I've met them somewhere before...

Spiritual Thought: This week I learned that happiness is a choice. There were some very dark, difficult days this week, and one morning I woke up and thought, "I don't want to do today." As I began to get ready, I realized that I am the one who decides whether I will smile, laugh, and sing, or be miserable. So I chose to smile!

Good news: I am starting to see changes in myself, like the real kind I was hoping to see by serving a mission. Not that it matters what happens to me, but its a nice blessing. I actually feel like Heavenly Father is pleased with the work I am doing. I miss you all very much, but I am really starting to love the work and the people. My patriarchal blessing really helped me this week.

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