Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Proclaiming the Gospel from the Rooftops

From the Rooftops


1. I learned that Felipe (from Satelite) decided to be baptized (not just a date marked!) and is preparing to serve a mission!! Unfortunately, he is going to move so I don't know how to contact him after the mission, but his transformation is absolutely the greatest miracle I have seen on my mission.
2. We were praying to be led to prepared people who are ready to accept the gospel, so some young adults walk up to us and start a conversation about the church and missionaries that taught them, but WE FORGOT TO ASK FOR THEIR HOUSE NUMBER! So a few days later we find the street they live on and realize it is extremely long and has thousands of houses. We say a prayer to be led to them and start knocking and asking "do you know a Jessica that lives on this street?" No one had a clue, so after knocking for a long time, we just stop in front of a house and stare at it for a while in silence. We then keep walking a little bit and RUN INTO ONE OF THE YOUNG MEN WE MET!
We moved to an apartment with a JACA TREE!
He then invites us to walk home with him and OF COURSE the house we just felt like stopping in front of (but didn't knock) is his house. Next thing we know we are teaching 7 people the Restoration. Everyone is living with their girlfriend and needs to be married, but they are all prepared. This Sunday only Salom wasn't working, so he was the only one who could came to church. Sadly, he woke up early, caught the train, searched for the church building and couldn't find it, and went home. Pretty dispaointing, but there is always next week! The fact he went out of his way to come is a miracle in and of itself.
WONDERFUL WEEK filled with learning! Lots of love!

Sister Ludlam

Ava took a photo in her bridesmaid dress on January 14th, her brother Grant's Wedding Day, since she couldn't participate in the wedding party :-(    How will we photoshop her in without any legs? ☺  We love you, Ava!

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