Monday, March 20, 2017

Thrilled to Stay in Virginia


I was so afraid I would be transferred that I've been praying all week and fasted to be able to accept the Lord's will because I thought my life would end if I had to leave...but turns out the Lords will is mine as well, so it's just WONDERFUL!!

Tongan Pancakes
Miracles of the Week: 
Beautiful Brasilian Scripture Cases
1. Jessica and Hebert got married!!!! I don't even know how to explain how happy I am, this is truly the biggest miracle ever. Jessica is marked for April 8th, but is still a little shakey and is seeking an answer. Please pray for her ♥ We are doing the 21 day Book of Mormon challenge with her. She is the sweetest, most loving, coolest person ever (Hebert is pretty cool too, I guess. HAHA just kidding!HI HEBERT!!! (he reads my blog by putting it in google translate)) In Portuguese, Herbert is pronounced "Heh-birch." Norma and Marcos (Jessica's mom and brother) are marked as well. I think their home is my absolute favorite place to be in this area. Certainly I came to this area to meet them.
Family Home Evening

Last visit with Veronica
2. In the span of 2 days a few weeks ago, we taught all the commandments, and G**** and E**** had to make some major changes. They are following the law of chastity, Guilherme has given up his coffee addiction, and he has stopped training on Sundays, which is a BIG DEAL, GUYS. These two incredible people have been making major changes in their life and they are just so inspiring to me. G**** always says things in his prayers that make me cry. For example, this week "please help me find a job to support my family that still allows me to go to church every week" or "I am so grateful that I get to get baptized next week, it certainly will be the best decision I have ever made." Tonight we are going to the house of the Rico family to make cookies and have a family night about Personal Progress with Erien, Ruth, and Rosana.

3. The missionary spirit of our ward is changing. Thanks to Sister Gomes and our new LMA (ward mission leader) Geraldo, we are on FIRE. We have had multiple Family Nights in members' homes with investigators every week, and we are planning to do another Chamado Ao Servir activity (Called to Serve--the same one I did in Satelite) the members have been coming out with us to many lessons, many carpools with investigators, just incredible! And the ward is SUPER EXCITED for the baptism this weekend of Guilherme and Erien!! WOOHOO!

4. Maria lives in the apartment building next to ours. We ran into her twice at the front gate and on Sister de Jesus's last day Sister De Jesus said, "She's going to get baptized, you're going to send me an email in a month and tell me she was baptized!" And after many miracles, she will be on April 15th! She calls us her angels. I don't think I have ever felt so much love for an investigator. She lives alone and just treats us like princesses when we visit her. She has been having debilitating leg and back pains, so some members came over and gave her a blessing. Her faith was enough to heal her, and now she is able to sleep and walk without limping!! At first she was really unsure about baptism and said she had a dream a pastor said to her she shouldn't be baptized again because she has already been baptized ( I could tell she this was not a dream but had actually happened, and she was afraid of hurting our feelings or dissapointing us), but after we watched the long Joseph Smith movie she said, "Alright. I accept. I will be baptized in your church." And she just gets stronger and more firm in this decision every time we meet ♥

On the 27th, Irma Gilmara will go into surgery for breast cancer. Please pray that all will go well and that angels will be by her side. She is scared, but she is still always thinking about other people. She is just the most incredible dove. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

LOVE YOU GUYS! I am being so spoiled over here!!

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