Monday, March 27, 2017

Joyous Celebrations!

Erien's Baptism Day
This Week was Wonderful! Guilherme and Erien were baptized and confirmed, and all of our investigators went to see the baptism. Maria said, "Can I be baptized today too?" Ha ha!

Irmao Ronaldo and Guilherme really bonded over their love of fighting. He is like the wise sensai (how do you spell that?) and Guilherme is like little grasshopper, in terms of fighting, but even more so the gospel.

Sensai and Grasshopper
Todd Garner: Guilherme got super excited when I told him that Diego Brandao is a Mormon, hahaha! Irmao Ronaldo was baptized on March 25th, 27 years ago, 18 years old and they both LOVE the Book of Mormon. Guilherme finished it in two weeks and is now reading everything in the Gospel Library app (that'll keep him busy for a while). Erien has gotten a TON of personal progress done because she wants to finish it before she turns 18 in October :) They both want to serve missions!

Maria loved her first Sunday and felt very very loved, which was our main goal.

We deep cleaned the house with Norma this week. We are going to spend all of p-day with Jessica. I am super excited to bring everyone to the stake building for General Conference this weekend! WOOHOO!!!

Brasilians LOVE Poor Man's Cranium (shout out to all the Kitchens out there who made it legendary in our family--says Mama Z). Hebert liked it so much that they play it all the time now as a family. They made an Extreme Poor Man's Cranium; its hilarious. Also, the Relief Society president asked us to make a game for the RS Birthday Party at the last second-- so OF COURSE, we played it with them and MY GOODNESS! I have never witnessed a crazier, louder, more intense version in my life. The irmas just LOVED IT. ♥ Good memories ♥

Love to all,
Sister Ludlam

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  1. Dearest Ava,

    Your joy is palpable when I read your letters. That love for the Gospel and the work shines and people want to know about that light!! You looks happy, and joyful and beautiful. We are all proud of you! Your family is doing well. I see them every week whether in Young Women, or sacrament meeting, or at Ward Council with your dad. Jenna is growing up and so reliable. There are times when she has stepped up and prepared a lesson on Sunday when for some reason my counselors and I couldn't. And she's a great teacher! You would be really proud of her. And Livie is following in her footsteps! One more year and we'll get to have Lucy with us. Your parents are my dear friends and are such good examples to all of us of great faith and great parents. Hope you enjoy General conference this weekend!!! There is a scripture in D and C 88:84 that I think ties in with Conference. You know that when we hear talks, sometimes it feels like the Lord was speaking directly to us as an answer to prayers, a reminder, a warning etc. I think this scripture reminds us that he will go before us to bear us up and isn't that part of what general conference does? He knows what we need and the Holy Ghost will speak to our hearts if we are in tune. Or maybe, many months later we are seeking answers to a problem and question and we might be guided to a certain conference talk that has our answer there. The Spirit knows when and how to help us find the guidance of our Heavenly Father. It is such grace from the Lord and so wise and beautiful.
    All the best to you in your continued missionary labors in Brazil!!
    Lovingly, Sister Stringham