Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome, Sister C. Silva!

Sister C. Silva is in Jardim Satelite!
Hello family!

This week was wonderful and stressful. First off, my companion is actually Sister C. Silva from Belem do Para, Brasil! (last week someone told her it was a different Silva from Mexico) She finishes her mission in one transfer, has a beautiful accent which I will steal, is obsessed with Despicable Me, loves anything strawberry, and importantly, is a hard worker! I love her!

But as I said this week was stressful because I had to be chief moose. Since I am the only one who knows the area, I had to do all the planning, all the phone calls, all the directions, decision making, conversation iniating, and so forth. I was so stressed the first 3 days that my left eye began to twitch violently. HAHAHA!!! BUT I SURVIVED and now I am comfortable and we are already seeing many fruits of a week filled with hard work!

Visiting Ana Maria
Highlights of the week:

1. This Sunday was Stake Conference and we had 4 investigators at church!! Everyone stood and sang Families Can Be Together Forever and naturally, I got a little teary-eyed.

2. I RECEIVED A PROMPTING AND FOLLOWED IT! It was 7:30 pm and we were going to try and find some potentials, but I felt like we should go see if Julie was home (less active)...for the 100th time. Not only were we able to get INSIDE the apartment complex, her son just happened to be coming downstairs to open the door for us and a reference named Jiara was outside as well. All of a sudden, we were all sitting in Julie's living room. I couldn't believe we actually found her!! We made an appointment to teach Jiara the next day after church. It was incredible, she has been prepared undoubtedly. I think our lesson had an even greater impact on Julie, who bore a powerful testimony that this is Christ's church, the only way to true happiness. It was a miracle.

The Meat Case
3. The member I talked about last week, Frank, is now officially active again. He went out with us to visit another less active, and he said something that touched my heart. He said "You don't realize the difference you two have made in our ward. You bring a Spirit that is powerful. I wouldn't have come back if it hadn't been for you two." Almost cried, but I recovered quickly. :) He has a new light.

4. Sister C. Silva and I have still found ways to laugh together, despite the language barrier! She started hitting me every time she saw a Volkswagen bug, and would say "fusca." I taught her "slug bug" and now she says that instead and its hilarious.
The Kombi

5. We watched The Testaments with Ana Maria and made waffles this week. She is changing. She is incredible. She is becoming one of my dearest friends. She has started calling me Loodge.

Brasilian Culture:
  • They like meat. A lot.
  • Everyone has this van, its called a "kombi." I feel like I am back in the 70s!
Sister Gines' final hours ♥

I love you all and most of all I love my Savior Jesus Christ!

Until next week!
Sister Loodge

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