Monday, November 21, 2016

Best Week Ever!!

Goodbye, Sister Souza!

My heart is just over-flowing with gratitude.

Jaggi Gratitude List:
1.  I learned that President was actually planning to keep me in Satelite another transfer with Sister Souza, but early Sunday morning, he received revelation to move me to this area. Heavenly Father is SO aware of each of us and our needs!! This last week has been one of the happiest weeks of my life, and I am so so grateful that President was sensitive enough to the Spirit to send me here. 
Sister de Jesus, me, Nayara (member)
2. How do I even describe Sister de Jesus (picture on right(!?! She is on the dove level of Sophie Wilson or Emily Burnett. I have just been basking in her glow all week. It is extremely rare that we find people so filled with light, so humble, so pure, and so Christ-like. I wish I could describe how much she has already impacted me, how grateful I am for her <3 
3. I heard a lot of negative things about this area before arriving, but when I arrived and began to walk through the streets, I immediately fell in love. I feel like I am at home. It has a very Bronx-y feel, but the houses are all vibrant crazy colors and there is TONS of art-work type graffiti--this place has so much personality!  Not a white wall in this entire city. I'll try to take a picture this week that captures its splendor. GAHHHH! I LOVE IT HERE.
4. I don't think this has ever happened in my life before, but I have had no negative emotions this week...I didn't think it was possible, but it is. Sure, lots of negative things happened, but Sister de Jesus has such a positive bright outlook on life that its started rubbing off on me. I have been EXHAUSTED this week, but I fall asleep every night happy and excited. <3
5. I got to meet Ruth this week!!! She is 14, and is marked for baptism this week if she can continue to not drink coffee. She reminds me a lot of Harry Potter. Grew up in a world where no one realizes she is there or loves her that much, but once missionaries showed up on her doorstep and her life was never the same. The members have adopted her and given so much love. She is the sweetest most intelligent and precious girl. She understands the Book of Mormon SO well, better than any adult investigator I have had. I love her so so much.
My food that actually turned out really good :D
 6. I was COOKING this week (that's right Mom) but I cut my finger open nice and deep. Miraculously is healed super fast and hasn't been giving me much grief. Little things like that make me really grateful.
7. I found a CD in our house with Frank Sinatra singing Christmas music and Phil Collins singing Brother Bear it makes me SO HAPPY. I've never been more pumped about Christmas in my life!! 1 month until I get to talk to my fambly!! ♥
8. Nobody forces you to eat here so I have been feeling very light and healthy and refreshed :)

Every day is filled with many tender mercies, but these are just a few. I have been just filled with love for my Savior this week. I just read Luci's email and realized this week is Thanksgiving. A gratitude list is rather appropriate, isn't it! :)   LOVE TO ALL~

Pidge Pot Pie

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  1. Life is beautiful, even more so as a missionary. Thanks for sharing the beauty.