Monday, November 14, 2016

Off to Vila Virginia!

Sister Souza made this for me!
I will be leaving Satelite after almost half a year to Vila Virginia, Itaquaquecituba, with Sister Jesus! WOOHOO!! I feel like my time here has a happily ever after ending because Ana Maria is engaged and she is being freed from a life of 47 years filled with struggling. She said the closing prayer after a visit yesterday, and sincerely thanked Heavenly Father for us and our patience and that we never abandoned or gave up on her. It was a very sweet moment for me.

I shared Isaiah 40 with Frank, the menos ativo, because hes lacking vigor to keep enduring to the end. I told him I have been leaning on the Lord because I feel so emotionally tired and discouraged because it seems like my work hasn't amounted to much these past 6 months, and that I know the Lord will give him strength and
Feeding the rabid dogs of Sao Paolo
motivation if he asks for it. Instead of him being comforted, he comforted ME, telling me this area is one of the oldest and most difficult areas in this mission, and that "Heavenly Father sends his most beloved spirits here" because it is so hard to keep going. That gave me so much comfort, and I once again received a confirmation that I have done what the Lord wanted done and He is pleased. Many seeds planted :)

Britto Art
A little nervous for what is to come, but I know it's exactly where the Lord wants me. All things work together for the good of those who love God :) I LOVE YOU ALL!

Sister Ludlam

CULTURE: Britto is an extremely famous Brasilian artist, who I have fallen in love with. At first I thought his work was tacky, and then it grew on me, and then I became obsessed. This was my planner from last transfer- hahaha

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