Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Delightful Christmas and Sister Leader assignment


I wrote a nice long letter BUT the computer crashed and I have no more time :(

This was the happiest Christmas I have ever had!

I LOVED doing Seja a Luz do Mundo! I am so excited for this next transfer!

Sister Ludlam

A little later...

I am sweating. I am SUPER excited for 2017! AHHHHHH!! I love the new year so much!

My Christmas was SO DELIGHTFUL!!! We got to stay with the family of Irma Gilmara until midnight. She is such a dove. She is going through chemo and had a million people to take care of during the party but was always going out of her way to check up on us. She bought us fancy fans that I will 100% carry with me and use every day. I am not kidding.

Then we had an especially spiritual sacrament meeting and went to lunch. Super yummy, lots of non members and less actives. It did not feel like Christmas. Then we talked to you guys and it was super lovely. REALLY short, but it was just nice to hear your voices. <3

I will stay with Sister de Jesus and will be
Sister Leader. With more time I feel better and better about it. Many fears, but it means there will be lots of growth! WOOHOO!!! 

I love you guys an awful lot.

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