Monday, December 19, 2016

Heavenly Father Loves Us So Much

Sister Doyle and Ava

Christmas Conference! (on the right) Sister Doyle goes home in a week :( My eyes are red because President sang "I Wonder When He Comes Again," and I wept like a baby. 

I am a little sad because we have been working with a lot of people that KNOW the church is true but don't want commitment and don't want to progress. Really, really sad because we had to drop ... everyone. We now have no investigators at all, but THAT'S OKAY because now all of our time will be dedicated to finding people who are searching for the truth AND willing to it. :)

I saw many little miracles this week, but I will just share a few.

1. Ruth (Potter) has been going through a lot of trials recently. We haven't seen her in weeks nor been able to communicate with her because she has been living in the house of another aunt, but left her cellphone here in this area. We tried many things to get in contact with her, and nothing worked...I started getting scared I would never see her again. Then, Saturday night, Sister and I said a prayer that we could find a way to get in contact with her quickly because she needed to go to church the next day to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. The two past weeks had been conferences at the Stake building.

After contacting everyone that could possibly help, we decided maybe it's not meant to happen this week. BUT THEN we showed up to church Sunday morning and RUTH WAS THERE! She woke up early and walked all the way from her other aunt's house to go to church! She said "I just couldn't miss another Sunday." I almost cried with joy when I saw her, I had missed her so much. Then she spent the rest of the day with the Young Women at a special lunch and Young Women in Excellence.  Oh, by the way, in Portuguese Ruth is pronounced Hoo-chee. Super cute.
Vitoria and Irma Maria Jose <3

2. While we were filling up the font for Ruth's baptism, Vitoria, a 10 year old from the primary, came in and asked who was going to be baptized. Elder Marquina said "You are. Didn't you know?" She got a little quiet and said, "I actually haven't been baptized yet..." Whoops. So we passed later that week to talk with her adopted parents. Before we even brought the subject up, Irma Maria Jose said, "After Ruth's baptism, Vitoria would not stop talking about how much she wanted to be baptized! So we went to the Capitol today and did her paperwork so now she can legally be baptized." WOAH! Since she has more than 8 years, she technically is a convert and needed to be taught all the lessons and be interviewed by Elder Vargas. After a glorious 2 weeks of teaching her, she was baptized this Saturday and received the gift of the Holy Ghost right before Ruth did this Sunday. What a miracle! And it is all thanks to Elder Marquina, hahaha!

3. It was really hot yesterday, so Sister de Jesus asked for a cloud to cover the sun. It did. Then she asked for rain. And boy, did it rain!!! Heavenly Father loves us so much <3

We had a Christmas conference it was so much fun. Honestly, this Christmas has been the best Christmas I have ever had because my life.


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