Monday, December 12, 2016

Learning Lessons on Love

Trip to the São Paulo Aquarium
This week I learned about love.

We went to the Area of Brasil Conference with President Holland (just a broadcast - haha) and I had this question in my heart of how to help our companionship. The answer is LOVE. 

All of the misunderstandings and accidents and little tiny things can be swept away in a wave of LOVE. Have you ever noticed that when you are offended or feeling insecure or over-analyzing or irritated, when someone puts their arm around you or gives you a sincere compliment, those feelings just evaporate?

So I put it to the test, and things have been better. Things are not perfect yet because this is honestly new territory for me-- to have my first instinct be reach out in love.

So yes, this week was tough but I AM SO GRATEFUL for these priceless lessons!! I'm sorry I don't have "mission stories," but we are giving our all! Walking in the streets all day long and meeting tons of people, doing our part :) Lots and lots of contacts :D

  I told President this transfer has been hard for me because when I was in Jardim Satelite, I always felt very confident and comfortable, thinking I had finally got the hang of the mission. But being in a new area with a new companion has made me extremely aware of my weaknesses. It's good for me! ;)


Sister Ludlam

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