Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference with Investigators!

I got to make the design for our Zone's t- shirt, so cool!!
This week went by really fast.

Inspiration for my t-shirt design
Thursday we visited the temple grounds with Jessica, Friday we did divisions in Poa with our sister leaders, and we spent basically two days straight in the stake building for our Worldwide General Conference. Was General Conference not just the most wonderful thing ever? It is even BETTER when you are sitting next to investigators and they are loving it too!! Maria came Sunday morning and got to hear President Monson speak, and Jessica and her family came Sunday night. It was already a half an hour in and they still hadn't shown up, but FINALLY, Sister saw them come in through the back at the end of Elder Christofferson's talk. It is so cool that he records himself speaking in Portuguese. I hope my Portuguese is that good when I am his age!

Anyway, the talk after Elder Christofferson was literally directed to Jessica. My mouth almost dropped, and I kept looking at Sister as if to say, "Are you hearing what I am hearing...?" We talked with her afterwards and she said, "I realized I want this answer but I am not searching. I am going to search now." Perfect :)

Jessica at the Temple
English Class in Poa
Also, Maria told us she has always battled with depression and has been close for a while now of falling back into it, but she said ever since we came into her life, she has been stable. She is happy, she can sleep, and she feels like God is starting something grand and wonderful in her life. I nearly teared up, it touched me so much. I love her with all my heart. ♥

The picture above, on the right, is our English class in Poa (the Bishop owns the school and taught English at BYU...and he's Brasilian)!

Love to All~
Sister Ava Ludlam

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