Monday, April 17, 2017

The Significance of Easter

Easter Lunch

So, basically p-day ended and the next morning was our zone meeting. I was so stressed out about a whole bunch of other issues that I COMPLETELY forgot that we were supposed to give the training the next day. Sister Gomes didn't want to participate, so I prepared that night and in the morning and it was such a wonderful experience. It was so happy because I think it really helped people, and it's what the Spirit wanted me to talk about.
Sister Ludlam and Sister Lee

From there I left the chapel with SISTER LEEEEEEEEEE (she is a Utahn that reminds me of Lolly) and I had a glorious 3-day vacation! She and I did so many contacts and taught so many wonderful people and spent SO MUCH MONEY on buses. We went to the Policia Federal for her to renew her visa. OH-- so on the metro/train system in São Paulo, people sell chocolates and chargers and drinks and a whole bunch of stuff, and just walk on and start talking. I have ALWAYS wanted to give a pass along card to everyone and this week it actually happened! Sister Lee just happened to have a TON of cards with her and the idea came back into my mind. I paced along the train car and explained who we are and about the Book of Mormon and invited them to accept a visit from the missionaries... people loved it. After I finished my speech, we started passing people one by one and talking with them. I haven't felt the Spirit that strong in a while.
Gilmara made giant Easter eggs for us! ♥

My Easter was very different. We went to church and 2 investigators came, Stefani and Ana Paula. Then we went to lunch and the wife got super super sick because she is newly pregnant. She cried and I scratched her back. Then, sister got sick and we spent the rest of the day at home. But, I understand the significance of Easter much better than I ever have--so where you are or what you are (not) doing doesn't mean you can't REJOICE just as much!

Well, this is likely my last week here, folks. If I can just keep my calm and keep responding how Heavenly Father wants me to, I know I will be victorious. 6 MORE DAYS!!! Tuesday is zone meeting, then Wednesday we will see Rosana, Thursday is Zone Conference with President in Mogi das Cruzes, Friday Maria will be interviewed for baptism, Saturday is her baptism, Sunday is Chamados ao Servir (Called to Serve), then its p-day and I am off! I WILL SPREAD MY WINGS AND FLY! I AM ALMOST THERE!

Love to all,
Sister Ludlam
Jenna rip off

Jenna: Some Brasilian saw your thumbs (photo to the right) and totally copied your style, but they thought they could get away with it all the way over here in Brasil. Little do they know ya big stista is here!!! HA!

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