Monday, June 19, 2017

News from Lu

WOOHOOOOOO!  Another week chock full of hard work!

1. Last week we had already gone a long time without seeing Gustavo (the homeless friend) so we gathered our courage to ask his scary friend, Marcio, where he was. He said "Haven't you heard? The little guy was attacked with a knife and has fled Poá. Poor thing, never did anything wrong to anybody." I still had hope he would come back, but it has now been 2 weeks. At least I took a picture with him and Night. The last time I saw him was in the street at night, talking to another homeless person and I said good night, and he said "Good night, Lu!" which is what everyone calls me here. I could already see that he was changing, just after teaching him a few times. I told Rafael, an RM from our ward who was helping us, that Gustavo left, and he said, "Don't worry. He has a Book of Mormon and pamphlets. He will keep studying and will one day find the church himself."

Gustavo and Night
2. After all of this work this transfer, we had so many investigators and NONE OF THEM WERE MARKED FOR BAPTISM. It is kind of driving me crazy. So, we made a list of 10 people who can ABSOLUTELY be baptized in July and fasted for them. The Lord has already begun to answer our prayers. On Sunday, all of our plans fell through by 3 pm, so we were in a really dangerous part of our area and were about to head out, but I strongly felt like we should go deeper in and try to visit Terezinha. Not only was she home (miracle number one), but we were finally able to teach her the restoration. We asked if she had ever felt like Joseph Smith and wanted to know which of all of these thousands of churches is Christs true church. She said "yeah, I was actually thinking about that last week." It was a wonderful lesson, and she accepted a baptismal date for the 8th of July! Please pray for her so that she can actually make it to church!

By the way, this is the mother of the missionary who we helped with the Skype call on Mother's day. :) 1 down, 9 to go!! WOOHOO! This week we want to mark Lays, Alessandra, Vivian, Rebecca, Nadia, Rogério, Sonha, Wanderley, and Maíra. However, we will be out of our area 2 days, possibly 3 (if we can get Cíntia and John to the temple), so we are going to have to really hustle.
Sister Quieroz

3. Sister Quieroz is as lovely as ever. This week we had interviews with President and I asked if I am going to die (end my mission) here in Poá. To my surprise he said probably yes! I was actually really pleased about that. It will mean my entire mission has been in the "interior" or not downtown Sao Paulo, and this entire time I have been wanting to go there really bad, but now...I am totally content to just stay here :) Another added bonus is that the interior is way safer than the capital, and I have not been assaulted even once on my mission (that in itself is a miracle). After looking at all my favorite members and investigators yesterday, I felt so blessed to be able to finish my mission here. I also want Sister Quieroz to stay with me
I drink tea now.
Green Banana Chips

Love to all,
Sister Lu

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