Monday, June 26, 2017

"Finding Miracles" Needed!

Tree of Life
Dear Family,

This week was yet again filled with lots of work, but unfortunately there are not many fruits to show for it. BUT THAT IS OKAY!! Our teaching pool dropped rather drastically, but that means so much more time has opened up for the truly elate who will actually progress!! Honestly, I was a little discouraged last night after receiving so many final "NO's," but Lia wrote in her letter today out of the blue: "More finding is more baptisms, don’t let faith dwindle that you need to have finding miracles." I realized that my faith has dwindled in that aspect.
Typical Sao Paulo Scene

We spent two days this week in Tatuapé with the Sister Training Leaders of the mission, Sister Saavedra and Sister Lee! We also did a division in our area with some sisters in our zone, super fun. We finally were able to teach Lays and Vanessa again, and it was just marvelous. Terezinha has a fever, so unfortunately, she didn't go to church and her date fell. Alessandra FINALLY went to church this week!

Stay tuned for next week, certainly we will have many finding miracles to tell!!

Sister Lu


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