Monday, August 15, 2016

A Slice of Sao Paulo


I was reading through past blog letters and realized I've been withholding a LOT. I realized I've been writing the bare minimum, and found myself saying "that doesn't even sound like me" or "that's not even the greatest thing that happened that week!" It may be due to stress that everyone can read this, or that a mission is so special so it's difficult to put the experiences or growth I see in myself into words. But whatever the excuse may be, it'sa lame one!! It is selfish to keep the countless blessings of serving this mission to myself! From now on, I want each person that reads this blog to have the same priviledge that I do to be here in Sao Paulo, Brasil. To fall in love with this people, dive into this culture, and grow spiritually from the small incredible things I get to see each week. :)

WELCOME TO SAO PAULO BRASIL! Now the 3rd largest city in the world, 11 million people, 5 missions. Each mission takes a pizza slice of the city and the outer country side. Sao Paulo Leste consists of two parts, Capital and Interior. The capitol is Brasilian New York City, fast paced, packed with people! I am currently in the interior where it is more peaceful, more green, and spread out. 

My favorite things about BRASIL!

1. I am sorry, America, but Brasil just wins when it comes to food. Everything is made from scratch, nothing processed. They take each type of food and take it the next level! For example: hot dogs. In New York, you get a white bread bun, barbequed hot dog, ketchup and mustard. Here, its a french baguette, steamed hot dog, white cheese cream, mini crunchy french fries, and home-made ketchup tomatoe sauce. They are amazing.
2. There is less light pollution, so the stars are astonishingly beautiful.
3. Kids play here! They all take their pipas outside and fly them together, sharks and minnows in the streets, biking everywhere. I love it!!
4. There is only tile floor, so when you clean your apartment its less of a nightmare :D
5. I have seen 2 daddy longlegs since I got here, NO spiders. HALLELUJAH.
6. The church is small and strong. They call each other Irma *first name*, and everything is so warm and filled with love. Families are strong and unified, and there are activities at the church almost everyday. I love it!!
8. You hug and kiss strangers, they tell you their life stories, and go out of their way to help. These people are open hearted and will give you the shirt off their backs.
9. They are a God-fearing people. Everyone faithfully attends a church and it shows in the way they live their lives.

To be honest, not very much happened this week. All but two of our appointments fell through, but it was the fastest week of my mission so far?? We spent a lot of time with Evangelica, she recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost this Sunday. :) Luz came to church because she didnt have work! She accepted the invitation to pray and beginning searching for another job. It was Sister Gines last week of work, so it was exciting and kind of sad. Time doesn't make sense to me. :)

I love you all!! Thank you for suppoirting and loving me. I love this gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ!!

ALSO: Congratulations to Stephen and Allison KOTTER!!!

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