Monday, August 22, 2016

The Winds are Changing

Hello All!

Sister Gines left yesterday and I am back in the "Oh, wow. I am just a lone little Ava in a really big Brazil" mode, but I LOVE IT! An adventure of a life time--the comfort zone does not exist as a missionary! My next companion is Sister Silva from Mexico, I meet her Tuesday. :) EEEEK!

Well, I brought my camera with all these pictures of Brazilian life, but since I haven't been in my area this week, I don't have my connector-thingy. Sorry, next week!!

Favorite Memories with Sister Gines:

1. My first day in Brasil, the bus pulled up and someone threw up out the window on everyone below. I thought, "What have I gotten myself into...?"

2. We were in Centro with our LMA and this big hair-gelled TV host blocks us with his camera crew, and before I knew it, a microphone and giant camera were in my face. Sister Gines and I just stared at him (still not quite sure what he said) so our LMA answered his question. I was sweating and thinking, "Yikes! I am a representative of the church and I can't say anything!" Once he realized we were boring, he and his TV crew slipped back into the torrent of rushing people.

3. We were coming in on a big fancy bus from the Capital, but we missed our stop and the next one was way out of our area! After speeding walking in the dark for an hour and a half, we somehow found our way to Irma Patricia's in time for tacos.

4. Sister was feeling discouraged. I wanted to make her laugh, but didn't know how. We walked up to this person and I asked "Ta bom?" Instead of "tudo bem?" Which means "That okay with you?" He looked at me like I was crazy, but Sister couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes so it was worth it. :)

5. Sometimes when I would do street contacts, I would say my name is Sister Gines on accident. Finishing the conversation without one of us laughing was rare!

6. For some reason there were 2 weeks where every night we were leaving a lesson at 9:10 pm, so we would run all the way home to make our curfew! Probably some of my favorite memories with her! One time we were late for something, but I tripped and I absolutley ate concrete. We couldn't stop laughing!

7. There is a member in our ward name Rogerio and he would just say the funniest things in English, so we would quote him all the time, like "LIARRR!" Our handshake was the one from Fresh Prince of BelAir. I love our ward.

8. Making excuses to go to the end of our area where they sell açai for what would be 80 cents. :D

9. Running every morning together <3 And running hills in Vila Nair because its less painful than walking.

10. We liked to stick our heads out our two apartment windows and play catch with fruit. 

11. Creating a friendship with someone who was a less active member, but did a 360 and returned to the ward with a bang. He would teach us crazy Portuguese grammar and test us on it, like pro-para-ocsitunas. I spelled that wrong, but we started writing him a song filled with them! He was one of the main reasons Sister came to this area, I am pretty sure.

12. We were having a Noite Familiar with a ton of members the night Brazil beat Germany, but President says we are NOT allowed to watch them in any sense of the word. All the members  couldn't help themselves but turn it on for the big game and were screaming and going fanatic! She and I were turned away from the screen just having some nice small talk :)

Those are just a few, but being Sister Gines' companion was one of the greatest privileges I have ever had. I never thought I would become best friends with my companion, but our friendship is definitely just beginning. What an incredible blessing she is to me <3 

Oh by the way, I will be home a year from now. WHAT?!

I love you all! I didn't get to teach this week, but I'm sure I will have some wonderful stories with Sister Silva to share next week!

Sister Ludlam

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