Monday, October 3, 2016

Love is ALWAYS the Answer

Hello World!

The Lord did the same thing this week, where I taught a gospel principle and was tested on whether I lived it or not!       So Cool!
General Conference Sunday Afternoon Session with my Sisters
    We were eating lunch with my beloved Irma Lina, who is struggling to love the people in her nursing home. I shared a message from Moroni 8:45-48 about Charity, (pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ) and explained to her that our minds are like a stage. Either "charity" is on stage or "judging" is, and its impossible to have both at the same time. So we invited her to pay special attention to who she was letting on the stage, and to serve the people she is struggling to love.

   THEN 3 hours later, two sisters from another area, Sister Lima and Sister Tordecilla, took me under their wing while Sister C. Silva was at the temple. We entered the house of a member who is less active and began to share a message of enduring trials with long suffering. My mouth almost dropped to the floor as the sister began to say the most awful things. She was justifying beating her daughter, and I almost opened my mouth to tell her what I was thinking! Thank goodness Sister Tordecilla was listening to the Spirit, because instead of telling her that she cannot rationalize physically hurting people just because she is going through a difficult trial, Sister T. asked an inspired question. She said, “Have you asked the Lord what it is He wants you to learn from this trial?” In that moment I remembered the message I gave to Irma Lina, and realized that I had kicked love off the stage
   I learned a very valuable lesson that day from my lovely Sister. I am not sure if anyone actually said this in General Conference (you can watch here) because I couldn't understand everything.  But I think someone said, "Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved."  It does NOT MATTER how people are choosing to use their agency, love is ALWAYS the answer!

   I got to spend 3 days in Area Parque Industrial with the Sister Lima and Sister Tordecilla, and I was in HEAVEN. I have never been more tired and more satisfied on my mission! These two Sisters poured love out to me and we laughed and learned so much together. What a glorious week <3
   As I said, I didn't understand everything said in General Conference, but I did get a few nuggets of wisdom and I felt the Spirit very powerfully. It was so cool to see Will Romberger and Sarah Hirachi in the MTC choir!!! Elder Christofferson actually gave his talk in Portuguese which was really cool, too.
Sister Lima and Sister Tordecilla Ice Cream Break

  SO! Today is my last day with Sister C. Silva, but I will STAY in Jardim Satelite and my companion will be Sister Souza (Brasileira), who just finished her first 3 months training! I am a little nervous to be senior companion because I have less than 4 months here myself, but we will figure things out and grow together! :) CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER! I am so grateful for one more transfer here in my beloved Jardim Satelite. I feel like the Lord is giving me a do-over here, and I am so grateful for that! TIME TO GET TO WORK!! WOOOOOHOOO!!
Love, Irma Ava ♥


  1. Good letter and good lesson for me. I was reminded a lot at conference about loving others. Especially those who persecute and offend you. I have had a bit of an altercation of late with a person who shall remain nameless. I was spitting mad (though I didn't show it or say it). I fumed for a week knowing it wasn't a good use of my energy or good for my health and it wasn't solving anything either. I mentally asked. over and over again, "what would Jesus do?" The answer came back "punch him in the face." I figured that must have been the wrong source and would try again. Finally conference came and the very first talk was directed to me (funny how that happens). Each talk afterward added a little more. By the end of conference I had decided that it was my pride that was getting in the way. If I was humble and didn't try to "even the score" (which would no doubt escalate the disagreement and certainly not create any goodwill for the future) that things would work out better. I had known that all along but it took me a week of biting my tongue and a good dose of conference to get me there. Maybe it'll only take me a couple of days next time. Ha

  2. That's a great story Ava!!! Inspiring! We love and miss you here!!

    Sr. Stringham