Monday, October 31, 2016

Sunshine in My Soul!

Sis. Souza, Ana Maria (found her spot this week:), and Ava at São Paulo Temple

We have a teaching pool! A few weeks ago someone named Filipe called us and said, "So..we met in front of Espirito Santo (that massive catholic church that everyone frequents in our area) and I wanted to know why you guys never passed by?" I could not for the life of me remember who Filipe was, but that sure didn't stop us from marking a lesson!

I couldn't believe it! A few days later we showed up to his house with Irmao Emerson and when he saw us with our name tags, he froze..."You're not Luana..," he said. We still have no idea how he got our number, but apparently he was trying to bring back a menos activo from his youth group at the Espirito Santo and somehow ended up calling the missionaries...whoops! But he still let us and try to teach him a lesson. Didn't go too well. He was super uncomfortable the whole time. BUT Irmao Emerson, the young men president, invited him to play fútbol Thursday night and we left.

Thursday night we are teaching Bel and Filipe calls! He says, "I'm here at your church, but there is no one here.." WHAT IN THE WORLD? HE ACTUALLY SHOWED UP?  We left Bel and ran to the chapel, only to find him in the church talking about doctrine with Bispo and 3 other irmaos. He was FILLED with questions and said he would come to church on Sunday! And he came!

Only problem is he looked up every single anti Mormon site on the internet and confronted us with a TON of questions. We marked a lesson with him at the home of Irmao Miranda, the member who gave Ana Maria as a reference. Irmao Miranda knows everything about the Bible, church history, the organizational functions of the church, and was PERFECT to resolve Filipe's doubts and concerns.

We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and he is becoming more and more interested in the church everytime we talk to him. I can't believe the same Filipe we taught that first night is actually seriously investigating the church. Oh, how mysterious are the ways of God!

We also brought Ana Maria to the temple! Satan tried really hard to make it fall through, but we overcame every obstacle and she had a lovely experience. I also happened to be on the same street at the same time the one day Elder Christensen was in my mission boundaries. Is was so good to see a familiar face!

WOOOOOHOOO!! There is sunshine in my soul today!

I love my Savior Jesus Christ!!
Sister LudlaM

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  1. Your faith, love, and smiles bring light and joy to us all!