Monday, October 10, 2016

Welcome, Sister Souza!

Sister Souza arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and she has been my angel and the angel for Jardim Satelite.

We have no teaching pool, so we just did contacts all day!!! This week was the happiest of my mission, without doubt. I feel like I'm radiating! I don't have more time, but hopefully the pictures will make up for it. :)  Love to all ~  Sister A. Ludlam
My little friend hung out with me for a few days--Before
My little friend--After
Brand new crocs!  Didn't know I could wear them out!

Oh, Brasilia!  ♥

FAXINHA (I believe this means cleaning ladies☺)

Beautiful Sister Souza

With Ana Maria after Conference

Our food is part American, part Brazilian....Yeah! Companion Unity!
My Beautiful Area -- Jardim Satelite
Castle on a Hill

The End ... of a green smoothie


  1. With such beautiful smiles and countenances, you literally look like sisters. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Brasilia and your testimony.

  2. Que sorriso bonito Ava, posso ver que vc esta muito feliz. E maravilhoso a alegria que sentimos quando servimos ao Senhor e ao nosso proximo.
    Pude ver que voce esta aprendendo a fazer faxina como os brasileiros!! HAHAHA Acho que minha filha Mariana tem uma referencia pra sua missao, ela estava tentando pegar o endereco. Um grande beijo pra voce e sua companheira e sucesso no seu trabalho.